Transform a long text
into a concept map

Automatic concept maps starting from any document
Concept maps and automatic summaries
starting from any document
Affordable Pricing for Every Need

More Credits If You Choose a
PRO annual subscription!


Free Forever
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3 Multimedia Maps
50MB storage for your Documents
Printing and Exporting
Speech Synthesis
Online support


Per month, paid annually
per month
Automatic Maps from texts up to 15.000 characters
Unlimited Multimedia
Manual Maps
Premium printing and Exporting
Classical Text to Speech
1GB storage for your documents
Unlimited sharing
Assistance Basic


Per month, paid annually
1000 AI CREDITS per month
Automatic Maps from texts up to 100,000 characters
Unlimited Multimedia
Manual Maps
Premium printing and Exporting
Highlighted Text to Speech
5GB storage for your documents
Unlimited Sharing
Assistance Premium
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Algor Education work?

Algor Education, an AI-based web app, facilitates online creation of concept maps. On Algor You Can Create Concept Maps and Automatic Summaries From texts and photos in different languages. Your maps are fully customizable in the media editor, and you can collaborate with friends or teachers. Upload your documents, listen to them with the speech synthesizer and create maps in a few clicks. You Can Try It For Free by Clicking On Try it for free.

I don't have an account, how do I register?

First of all click on the button Try it for free. If you have a Gmail account, log in by clicking 'Sign in with Google'. Otherwise, click on 'Create an account', enter your personal details and then click 'Register'. You will receive a confirmation email at the address you indicated (if you can't find the confirmation email, also check the 'Spam' or 'Junk Mail' folder). By clicking on the link indicated in the email, you will have successfully completed the registration!

How do Algor Education subscriptions work?

To fully utilize Algor's automatic features, you'll need to purchase a Annual or monthly subscription of your choice, which will provide you with AI credits to be used to create maps and summaries from texts and photos. Try Algor's automatic maps for free and then choose the subscription that best suits your needs between Basic Plan and Pro Plan.

Can I try the features of Algor?

Sure! Certainly! After registering for free, you can use the Algor Free plan, which offers 30 free AI credits to create and customize automatic maps. Each automatic map from text or photo consumes 15 credits.

What payment methods are accepted?

Purchase your Algor Education subscription with a credit card, debit card, or prepaid card through the main circuits Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Union Pay and others.
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